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ZFM Series Automatic Case Making Machine, designed by the technology research group of Wenzhou Keqiang Machinery Co., Ltd, has exclusive intellectual property rights and obtained 2 national patents.

1. Automatic Correction Equipment     Patent No.: ZL200820123683.X 

With this equipment, the photoelectric sensor will detect the position of the paper. The PLC then calculates the position error automatically, and drives the hydraulic transmission system, positioning the board exactly on the paper. The positioning accuracy can be controlled within 0.5mm, thus the quality of the products can be promoted greatly. This equipment has solved the historical problem of low accuracy in the positioning of hard covers.

2. Cyclic Board Feeding Equipment     Patent No.: ZL200820127551.4

Before the invention of this technology, there’s only one board feeding equipment. The cyclic board feeding equipment changes this shortcoming and increases the productivity greatly.

The application of these patent technologies not only increases the accuracy and speed of the ZFM Series Case Making Machines, but also provides a brand new solution for the domestic and international printing and packaging enterprises which are determined to improve their quality of products, speed and product mix, and gradually enhancing their additional value and core competitiveness.