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Automatic Case Making Machine refers to the packaging machine controlled by PLC, and fulfills gluing, positioning and folding automatically. Compared with the traditional manual machine, it enhances production efficiency and product qualified rate greatly, and makes products much nicer.

Semi-automatic Case Making Machine is made up of gluing machine, double edge folding machine, single edge folding machine and flattening machine. 5 to 8 staffs are needed to operate it. The general output is 3000 to 6000 per day (eight hours), which is far better than manual packaging. But it is not stable and cannot meet the needs of big orders. Catering for the needs of the current market, Keqiang offers you a brand new solution – ZFM500 Automatic Case Making Machine.

ZFM500 Automatic Case Making Machine makes up of the following three systems.

1. Paper feeding and gluing system 
The printed papers are sent to the gluing system by the paper feeder. After gluing, they would go to the positioning system through conveyor, waiting for the positioning of card boards.

Double sheets detection system avoids and solves two or more paper feeding. The gluing equipment adopts the original imported glue pumping system and transducer from Japan, making it more convenient and stable to adjust the volume of glue.

2. Board feeding and positioning system 
There is an automatic correction equipment in the positioning system. With this equipment, the photoelectric sensor will detect the position of the paper. The PLC then calculates the position error automatically, and drives the hydraulic transmission system, positioning the board exactly on the paper.

The board feeding and positioning system adopts German optical sensor components, Japanese Omron PLC and Panasonic servo control system, imported hydraulic drive system. This ensures the high speed and accuracy of the machine.

3. Folding system 
The folding system includes the two sides folding, angle pressing, front and back folding. A complete package is finished then.

In the folding system, a special cam mechanism controls the edge angle and folding system, making the machine performance stable and reliable. A mechanical turn-over makes the products more beautiful. All the compression rollers are covered with Teflon coating. Since this kind of material sheds water, the product surface will be clean and tidy. It also reduces the time of cleaning the rollers, enhancing the efficiency of operations.

The whole control system uses a touch screen with operation menu, so it’s quite convenient to operate. The operating system can also display the machine fault and hint directly so that troubleshooting is fast. Only 2 to 3 staffs are needed to operate it. The valid output can be 15 to 30 per minute. That is 7000 to 15000 per day (eight hours). Further more, this machine also serves the function of inner laminating machine. It solves the historical problem of manual laminating